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HULIĀMAHI: Cherishing the Land and Caring for Our Communities as Radical Curatorial Praxis 

DATE: Friday, October 30, 1:00pm HST on Zoom

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Meeting ID: 829 2938 3180

Huliāmahi (pronounced who-lee-ah-muh-hee). To join together in great numbers. To cooperate. To overflow as a river. To be full of water. To collectively turn our hands (huli) towards the earth to work the land for nourishment (mahi). 

The word “huliāmahi” in ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, the Indigenous tongue of Kanaka ʻŌiwi (Native Hawaiians), reminds us that many hands make for little work, whether that be preparing loʻi (wetland terraces) for the planting of kalo (taro), or the numerous hands that it takes to develop exhibits, orchestrate massive collections relocation projects, and manage large educational programs. Huliāmahi also reminds us of the importance of connecting to the land and sea by forming intimate relationships with places, whether that is through growing food for ourselves and our families, or by visiting wahi pana (storied places) throughout our lifetimes. Join us as we discuss how our place-based connections enrich our work as museum scholars and practitioners. We assert that those institutions who are willing to decolonize or Indigenize must also reckon with the lands and place-based knowledges and histories that their institutions are literally built on. 

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Challenging Imposter Syndrome: a discussion about success, going viral and self-compassion

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The invisible emotional labour of Indigenous and Black artists employed as curators, artistic creatives, and cultural producers, is very much at the heart of the arts sector’s work today in Decolonization, Reconciliation, Indigenous Sovereignty and Black Liberation.

This panel aims to address and discuss questions such as: How do we take care of ourselves while also supporting the communities we belong to? How do we express our boundaries and create space for self-compassion? How do we carry emotional labour through our bodies? 

World-renowned artists Yolanda Bonnell, Samson Bonkeabantu Brown and Ravyn Wngz discuss their own experiences with moderator Olivia Shortt. 

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