Sera Phim

Sera Phim is a multidisciplinary artist and educator of Cree-Metis and Danish-American descent, adopted into Tsyms’an culture and currently residing and practicing on Tiohtia:ke land. They are working towards a BA in Art Education and are currently training for a doula certification. As a two-spirit person, their work touches on the reclamation of their identity, sexuality and the importance and value of community care. Their aim as an artist is to create a value to the queer and indigenous identities of those in their community. Their aim as a person is to facilitate learning, discussion and art. Through this reclamation, Phim hopes that their works can create a permanence to their experiences, and to those around them.

You can find Sera Phim on Instagram: @s__e__r___a, or out and about on the streets of Montreal. They would like to thank their dzi’i, Theresa Lowther, for contributing her story, and for their families and communities that support them. Wayi wah.