Founding Members and Committee
  • > Founding Members
    • The Indigenous Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones (IC/CA) was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization on March 14, 2006, by founding members Cathy Mattes, Barry Ace, Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew, Ron Noganosh, and Ryan Rice.
  • > Nominating Committee
    • The founding members appointed the ACC/CCA Nominating Committee on March 19, 2006. The Nominating Committee was composed of one member of the ACC/CCA board executive, one regular member of the board, one organizational member, and one individual member. Their mandate was to propose a slate of five directors for appointment at the first ACC/CCA AGM to be held in the spring of 2007, which brought the board up to nine members.