What role does ‘care’ play in your practice? How do our individual Indigenous identities inform how we take care and how we work?

We view the Curator as having a critical role in caring for community, for objects or artworks, each other or ourselves, and the spaces in which we engage with the arts. Our goal with “Curating Care” is to highlight the stories of Indigenous curators who generate incredible amounts of care through their practices in order to show how important and generous the work of curators often is. We consider how care is located in our practices to point to the many intersections of Indigenous knowledges and curatorial methodologies essential in the work that we do.

It has become clear that a majority of the public is unaware of the important role that curators and arts professionals have in developing and enriching local cultural identities. Through this project we are working from Indigenous curatorial methodologies, showing how we are all responsible facilitators of care in our own ways from diverse communities.

The ACC-CCA’s broad vision is to support and connect Indigenous curators and arts creatives. Following our mandate, this project aims to highlight and share the impact Indigenous curators and arts creatives have in shaping cultural landscapes and to reflect our community of Indigenous creative excellence.

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