Advancing Métis self-determination and flourishing in the arts

Shushkitew Collective


About Shushkitew Collective

Shushkitew Collective formed in 2020 with the goal of advancing Métis self-determination and flourishing in the arts through forms of gathering, knowledge  sharing, research and advocacy. We have come together as artists, curators, writers, and educators to address the systemic inequities that have led to the underrepresentation and misunderstanding of Métis art and culture within the Canadian art system. We aim to build capacity for our artists and cultural workers, and to support intergenerational dialogue and learning toward engendering Métis futurity.

The founding members of Shushkitew Collective are Jason Baerg, Rhéanne Chartrand, Tarah Hogue, Jaime Morse and Michelle McGeough.


Manâwewin, a Michif word that translates to “to hunt, to gather eggs,” is the name of Shuskitew Collective’s three-year initiative (2021–23). This initiative is intended to lay a groundwork of collective knowledge and understanding that will inform the advocacy and actions of Shushkitew into the future. We engage with the concept of manâwewin to speak to the precious resources we need to sustain our bodies, our communities and our creative spirit. For the Shushkitew Collective, manâwewin entwines the land, cultural knowledge and artistic practices together. The initiative unfolds across a series of three gatherings held in Edmonton (April 2022), Saskatoon (September 2022), and Ottawa (2023). These are being developed by the collective and a core group of visionaries, and guided by an advisory of cultural and artistic knowledge keepers connected to each region where the gatherings occur. The gatherings will focus on knowledge exchange and identifying the needs of Métis artists and cultural workers in the present toward engendering self-determined futures. The research project outlined below is a critical component of Manâwewin. An online platform will disseminate the knowledge learned and shared at the gatherings along with the results of the research undertaken.

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ICCA x Shushkitew Collective
As part of an MOU between the ICCA and Shushkitew, ICCA is supporting Shushkitew Collective’s communications and development. This partnership aligns with the ICCA’s mission to build relationships with Indigenous artists and curators by supporting equitable collaboration and exchange; and increasing opportunities for Indigenous artists and curators within established arts institutions as well as championing the development of new Indigenous-controlled arts spaces.