What is Celebration of Self ?
Celebration of Self features artwork created by Indigenous Youth involved with the Indigenous Youth Residency Program based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Indigenous Youth Residency Program is an artist residency for native youth ages 12-24. In this program, youth explored Anishinaabe art practices while learning about colonialism, culture and Indigenous resistance, while building a connection network together.


Hello! We are artists from

Kay Fiddler
  • Artist's Bio
    • Kayla Fiddler is a 20-year-old two spirited individual from Sandy Lake first nation. They are a self-taught artist who fell in love with acrylics at the age of 17. For the past few weeks, Kayla has been an art resident for the Indigenous Youth Residency Program. Kayla hopes to connect their pieces with people who are on the journey of healing and self-discovery.

Validation + Matootasoon

Daanis Pelletier
  • Artist's Bio
    • Daanis Pelletier is an Anishinaabe youth from Fort William First Nation that expresses her self care, love, values and relationships through her art of beading. Daanis is inspired by the environment, her mom, and her mentors. Her goal is to connect with Indigenous youth that struggle with identity through her art.
Jesslynn Friday
  • Artist's Bio
    • Jesslynn Friday is an artist from Seine River First Nation and is based in Thunder Bay Ontario. Jesslynn primarily works with acrylics, watercolour, and drawings with coloured pencils and markers. She takes inspiration from nature itself, which can be seen through her organic linework and care for detail. Her pieces consist of her reflections and outlook on her surroundings, they are depicted in such a way that allows viewers to feel at peace from finding meaning in her artwork.


Christyn Koostachin
  • Artist's Bio
    • Christyn Koostachin is from Fort Severn First Nation, Ontario, and is a student at Confederation College. For the past few years, Christyn has been using visual arts as a strategy to cope and heal her mental health. Christyn particularly loves working with acrylic paints on canvas, but also enjoys working with sketches, photography, and watercolour paints. The representation behind the artworks tells a transition of leaving a small isolated town, and for reasons such as school, work, moving to a city, etc. Christyn depicts the undeniably difficult journey of the hardships between families, individuals, and being a student. Christyn also portrays that with honest work, comes great rewards.

Tundra Depiction + Blossom + Turning Point