Call for Submissions

Empower Creativity & Amplify Indigenous Voices: Contribute to Our Digital Publications Program

The Indigenous Curatorial Collective (ICCA) is developing a space where Indigenous voices resonate loudly in the vibrant arts discourse. Our Digital Publications Program is more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for change, a space where narratives are reshaped, and inclusivity leads to change.

Why do we need this platform? Because it’s time to decolonize arts publications. It’s time to dismantle systemic barriers and amplify Indigenous perspectives. Our mission is clear: to reclaim history by championing Indigenous narratives and fostering cultural diversity in the arts.

Who does it serve? You, the Indigenous creators, curators, artists, and writers whose voices deserve to be heard. It serves researchers, curators, students, and enthusiasts hungry for authentic insights into Indigenous art and culture. It serves anyone committed to building a more inclusive cultural landscape.

What problems does it solve? It dismantles barriers. It provides a platform for Indigenous creators to share their stories, enhance their CVs, and connect with peers. It curates a comprehensive repository of Indigenous art, spanning mediums, perspectives, communities, and time. It’s a step towards decolonization and a more equitable arts community.

How can you participate? Dive into our platform and contribute your voice! Submit your essays, articles, interviews, reviews, or recordings. Share your wisdom, your creativity, your passion. Be a part of the movement to celebrate and elevate Indigenous voices in the arts. We welcome digital submissions of:

  • Original essays
  • Books (artist monographs, biographies, art criticism, critical theory, socio-political concerns)
  • Exhibition catalogs
  • Exhibition reviews
  • Art reviews
  • Short responses
  • Creative essays
  • Notes
  • Conference papers
  • Webinars
  • Relevant arts magazines
  • Artist self-published works
  • Artist zines

Ready to share your voice with the world? We honour your contributions. Together, let’s rewrite history. Submit your work to Please include a 250-word biography, a profile photo, and contact information with your submission. Our editorial team would be honoured to host your work on our platform and will review all submissions, notifying selected contributors accordingly. Honorariums may be available.