D’horizons et d’estuaires : entre mémoires et créations autochtones is a collection of essays bringing together the voices of 16 Francophone and Anglophone Indigenous artists, curators, art historians and cultural workers, working in the territories that we call Quebec. Following on from exhibitions, performances, artist residencies and discussions that took place during the Indigenous Curatorial Collective’s Tiohtià: ke Project (2017-2019), these texts honor the relationships and kinships that are at the heart of these visual arts practices.

What place do Indigenous visual creations currently occupy in Quebec society? How do creators imagine the future of their cultural expressions? Through the diversity of points of view and the challenges raised by these texts, this book asks crucial questions about the future of Indigenous arts and opens the door to long-awaited dialogues in Quebec which, we hope, will allow us to create real positive changes. Now is the time to dive into these dazzling collective imaginaries and swim in the rippling waters of these resilient memories.

Co-directed by Camille Larivée and Léuli Eshrāghi for the Indigenous Curatorial Collective.

The Knowledge Within Us
September 2020

The Knowledge Within Us is an education initiative of the Indigenous Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones (ICCA) and is a project that seeks to deepen our exploration of what education means to us as an organization, what knowledge means to us and how we can create outputs that honor diverse relationships to these topics.

This publication was produced by Quill Christie-Peters, ICCA Director of Education.

Celebration of Self
July 2020

Celebration of Self features artwork created by Indigenous Youth involved with the Indigenous Youth Residency Program based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Indigenous Youth Residency Program is an artist residency for native youth ages 12-24. In this program, youth explored Anishinaabe art practices while learning about colonialism, culture and Indigenous resistance, while building a connection network together.

Celebration of Self was curated by Rina McKay and Beth Koostachin and opened digitally in July 2020.

more coming soon…